Saturday, 13 June 2015

Welcome to Jadine


Jadine EHN's latest volunteer is just arriving at M.G and will be volunteering with Pema and his team to look after the children in the day care. The day care building has a few cracks but they are looking at having iron bars installed to strengthen the walls so they can continue operating. In the long term it will be better for Pema and MG to rent or even build a reinforced concrete daycare that is earthquake resistant. EHN will be covering the cost for the reinforcing to be done and and also helping to raise money for the new building. Pema looked at renting but the cost of properties have more than doubled in many parts of the as demand out weighs supply so making the original building safe for the monsoon and then looking to buy and build a new center when land and building costs come back down seems to be the best option.

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