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Buddha Jyoti Himalayan Youth Club


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Dear friends, Sponsors, Donors and well-wisher of Buddha jyoti Himalayan
youth club “Maitri-Griha”and “Sichya”.
Thank you for your great support. We have started to help the children and their families
and others who are really in need of help. As we are a small organisation, we are also
coordinating with other local participants and organisation.
In cooperation with Tripura Pharmacy and Research Center and Bibhor Polyclinic we
have conducted a health camp at Dharmasthali, Kathmandu. We distributed
medicine and treated earthquake injured people.
Also we visited the homes of the children of “maitri-griha” to see their condition and
deliver foodstuffs like rice, salt and oil.
Some of the families left Kathmandu and went to their villages. Those left in
Kathmandu, have problems to manage their everyday life. Most of the parents from
our children are day labours. They get paid for their work at the end of each working
day. At the moment every one is out of work, so there is no money to buy food for
the family.
On the 11th of May we went with a lorry to Dhading district, which has been
badly effected by the earthquake. We distributed 600 kg of rice, 70 kg of salt, 35 litre of
oil,10 tents and hygienic kits tools like soap, brush and tooth paste to the earth
quake victims of Kiran Chowk VDC, Chainpur. We would like to thank the Volunteers
from BJHYC Dawa Sherpa, Manish Rai and the local volunteers Sushil Adhikari and
Som Prasad Adhikari for their great co-operation and support in making this Distribution
program successful.
On the 12th of May another earthquake hit Nepal. Again we are back to the open field to
sleep. This time our village too was strike badly and made all the houses unlivable.The
heavy rain,wind,thunder and wet ground outside, made the people ill.The help that
started all over Nepal is stuck. People are frightened and paralized.
Then on 19th of may we moved to phulasi my own village with van full of mattress, to
distribute to the disable,elderly people,pregnant woment and Dalits community.Since we
couldn’t make it at one time we did bring twice but in the second time the van couldn’t
bring till the distribution area due to engine problem. So,Ten people went to carry 6 big
bundles of Mattress in the heavy rain and finally we accomplished our mission. We took
1100 hundred metres of 10 mm matress(good and medium sized one) and we distribute
2 meters of mattress to each house.We support for 550 houses from phulasi village. We
conduct this program in co-ordination with VDC secretary and the local senior
advisor.We hope our little support will help these earthquake victims to prevent from
further health damaged.
The next support needed is still mattress and health camp.When we were doing
program there were people who came to see if there is health checkup program.
We heartily thank all the friends and Donors of BJHYC” Maitri-Griha” and “Sichya” who
help us to extend our relief aids to the earthquake victims of Phulasi-VDC. Without your
support it wouldn’t be possible for us to conduct this humanitarian program
Also,We would like to thank energetic members and volunteers from BJHYC”Sichya”
Sonam Lama, Milan lama,Suban lama,Gyane Lama ,Urgen Lama, Phulasi VDC
secretary Ramhari Adhikari,police security and all the village senior advisor for their cooperation
and support in making this Distribution program successful.
Now let me update you about our little lovely project “Maitri-Griha”.The big earth quake
and continuous aftershock is creating more and more damaged to the house. The
cracks on our house”maitri-griha” became bigger and we are very scared,Since it is a
house without concrete pillar(we call wall system house).This big earthquake destroyed
mostly the concrete pillar less house and mud house.The future of our little
project”Maitri-Griha” is also now a big challenge for us.I am trying to find house with two
flat made out of concrete pillar so that we can shift MG,but I am not getting
it.Since,there is big shortage of room in Kathmandu valley,there are houses but are
badly damaged and cracked and are under unlivable house.There is two option we
have either shifting in new house with good pillar or hiring a land and making temporary
residence to get prevent from Monsoon.
Let’s join hands to help Earthquake victims of Nepal and keeping up “Maitri-Griha”.
Pema lama(Buddha jyoti Himalayan youth club”Maitri-Griha”).

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